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About Us

Zank is an online automated cryptocurrency-trading platform.

While creating our service, we've pursued our main goal: to provide users with a modern, secured and very convenient tool for fast exchange of digital currencies. Our team has invested a lot of efforts and work towards achieving this. Some of the work we've done include:

All the services existing in the market were analyzed and the options which are highly-demanded by users were chosen.
The Zank platform has been made as concise and user-friendly as possible.
The exchanger was powered using secured and fast technologies.
Users can now buy and sell in the most transparent mode.
Technical support has been provided to users.
We conduct our activities in an open and transparent manner, without hiding our business registration details.

The project employs people with professional education, who have the necessary expertise in related areas, such as Internet banking, finance and corporate banking services. We strive to make our service the best and constantly focus on development.

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