How to buy cryptocurrency provides the easiest, most convenient and fastest service for buying and selling a cryptocurrency. To complete a transaction, the user must have:

  • A cryptocurrency wallet number;
  • An email address;
  • Credit/debit card with enough funds.

Please note that with the service, you can fix your cryptocurrency exchange rate for up to 5 minutes. This enables you to avoid exchange rate fluctuations during periods of high volatility in quotations and calmly make your exchange transactions.

Buying/selling cryptocurrencies in

  1. Choose the exchange direction (buy or sell or vice versa). Here, the system will automatically calculate the amount of funds needed to effect the exchange. If necessary, the transaction amount can be increased.
  2. Enter your cryptocurrency wallet number. Check to ensure you entered the correct information.
  3. Enter the exchange amount (BTC, USD, RUR). You can specify the amount you want to exchange or the amount you want to receive.
  4. Enter your email address to receive transaction notifications.
  5. Go to transaction processing.
  6. Double-check all the details you entered.
  7. Receive your funds in the wallet account you specified. The funds may not arrive immediately. This depends on the speed of online banking and the cryptocurrency ecosystem as a whole. Most transactions take from 4-5 minutes to 1 day.

In case you encounter any problems with the exchange, contact us at or Telegram: @zank_support. In order to promptly resolve any issue, please immediately provide the transaction details (transaction ID, reason for contacting us).

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