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Notice of risk

1.1. The process of cryptocurrency trading is accompanied by certain risks caused by possible intense in cryptocurrency prices fluctuations. This can work both in favor of the User and against the User, and lead to certain losses or certain profits. The User understands and acknowledges that significant changes in the market, including negative for the User, may occur during the trading operation.

1.2. is committed to ensure the stability of the trading platform, but is not responsible for any failures, delays or interruptions of the Internet connection and cannot guarantee 100% trouble free operation for the following reasons:

  • server overload;
  • technical works and prevention;
  • DDoS attack;
  • data processing center problems;
  • other objective reasons.

Thus, the User assumes the risks of financial losses or lost profits due to failures in the operation of information, communication, electronic and other communication and data transmission systems, as well as temporary unavailability of the Service.

1.3. The User assumes the risk of financial loss caused by the fact that he did not receive or received a delayed system message.

1.4. The User confirms that any information sent by unencrypted email is not protected from unauthorized access.

1.5. The User is fully responsible for the confidentiality of information received from the Service and assumes the risk of any financial losses caused by unauthorized access of the third parties to his account.

1.6. The information provided in this section does not disclose all the risks associated with the cryptocurrency trading process. Users should understand the nature of the cryptocurrency trading process and its inherent risks. Users should not start trading until they understand and identify all the risks.

1.7. The process of investing in cryptocurrencies always has certain risks. For example:
Cryptocurrencies constantly compete, so the new cryptocurrency can exceed the price in which the User invested. There may be vulnerabilities in the encryption algorithm. Some countries may try to ban or regulate cryptocurrencies. There may be a defect in the encryption protocol that will cause work stoppage.

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